The sequel to the Naruto series, which follows Naruto’s son Boruto.


The Village Hidden in the Leaves has continued to modernize while remaining at peace. Electric cars run throughout the city between interconnected districts while skyscrapers stand tall showing images on giant monitors. In this era, the Village Hidden in the Leaves is now a ninja village in name as many normal people as well have come to live here. All the while the lifestyle of a ninja changes too…


Boruto, the son of the seventh hokage and current the leader of the village, has joined the ninja academy in order to be taught the ways of a ninja. The students around Boruto all biasedly refer to him as “the son of the hokage”, but Boruto’s daring personality allows him to drive off those negative words.


Boruto will encounter new friends and allies, but how will be handle these mysterious incidents that are breaking out? The story of Boruto Uzumaki starts now!



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