Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a big difference between anime at 30 fps and 60fps

Yes. At 60 fps everything looks more smooth.


Why are the 60 fps videos so big?

Doubling the amount of frames also doubles the size of the file.


Will you upload X or Y series?

We will try to bring as much as we can, for now we are going to upload new animes, and old animes with a big fanbase.


I hate ads!

We also hate them, but we need them to keep running the site :(


Which video player should i use?

VLC is fine, as long as you can play the .mkv files you will be able to watch it.


The human eye can only see 30 fps

Thats a lie, some people even believe that the earth is flat...


A link is broken!

Please report it here




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